20 June 2020


Code of Conduct for Members of the Malta Refugee Council

The purpose of their Code of Conduct is to ensure that all Members of the Malta Refugee Council adhere to a common set of values and principles, and that they act accordingly. This will ensure a strong reputation for the Council and its Members as well as guarantee that refugees are treated with full respect for their dignity. Whilst acknowledging and valuing the diversity amongst Council Members, this Code of Conduct is intended to act as a unifying element that may be readily adopted by NGOs working under different circumstances.

Members of the Malta Refugee Council agree to the following provisions:

1.   We are committed to principles of social justice and inclusion and we recognise the inherent human dignity of all persons.

2.   We speak and act in a manner that is respectful of the dignity and human rights of all refugees.

3.   Refugees are active partners in our operations and not passive beneficiaries of services/interventions. As such, we strive to include refugees in our operations.

4.   Because we appreciate our dominating position in relation to our beneficiaries, we conduct our operations with honesty and openness. We are clear with our beneficiaries on what may be expected of us and what is expected from the person. We support the empowerment of our beneficiaries in order for them to take control and representation of their life and future.

5.   We understand that the diversity within the refugee community requires us to act in a manner that is free from preference or discrimination.

6.   We respect the laws, rules and regulations governing our work and operations as professionals and organisations. We commit not to engage in corruption or fraud.

7.   We do our utmost to safeguard the health and well-being of our team members.

8.   Our team members keep a professional distance from our beneficiaries, within the understanding that socialising and creating social networks with refugees is often an integral component of our activities.

9.   We are compliant with relevant laws, rules and regulations regarding confidentiality and data protection.

10. We are open and transparent about our finances.

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