4 OCTOBER 2023

Help us design a national campaign!

The Malta Refugee Council (MRC) has just embarked on a project that will strengthen its capacity and visibility. With the support of the US Embassy in Malta, the MRC will organise a national campaign that speaks positively about refugees in Malta.

We will also organise a number of training sessions for our members, and, for World Refugee Day 2024, a human rights conference will be held. The project starts in September 2023 and runs till August 2024.

We are looking for experts to design the national campaign, in consultation with our 12 NGO members.

What do we want the national campaign to look like?

As things stand, national visibility and discourse on refugees remains either negative/unwelcoming or problematised, talking about refugees as either problems or disempowered.

We want to initiate a national process of redefining public discourse narrative and messaging by putting together a straightforward visual campaign based on positive messages of engagement, solidarity, and humanity. This will not be a large-scale campaign, but the start of a conversation aimed also to give visibility to the activities and efforts of the NGOs in the Malta Refugee Council.

The visibility visual campaign will complement the training activities insofar as it will pave the way for the Council to be more visible, proactive and engaging with policymakers and the public. Since its establishment, the Council has established itself as an important interlocutor with Government entities, yet its value as a collective voice – importantly also including the voices of refugee-led groups – remains untapped.

The campaign will not entirely resolve this, nor will it immediately flip public discourse on asylum. Yet it will be the beginning of a more concerted effort of the Council to be a more visible stakeholder.

Refugee arrivals in Malta stands at an all-time low, yet the government narrative tries to indicate otherwise. Furthermore, there is a fear that campaigning for the upcoming EP elections could be aggressive. We feel this is an opportune time to disseminate positive messages that speak about solidarity, humanity, and respect.

Get in touch with us right away for full information, including timeline and budget.


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