8 OCTOBER 2022

Press Statement: Malta Refugee Council Welcomes The Police Force’s Response To Allegations Of Violent Assaults On Black People By Its Own Officers

The Malta Refugee Council welcomes news that the Malta Police Force has suspended three constables reported to have assaulted black people. We are also encouraged by the decision to launch an investigation into the allegations, hoping it will be conducted swiftly and its conclusions published.  

We believe these decisions confirm a zero tolerance approach to racism and violence within the Force. They also stress the positive message that Malta’s Police Force is mandated to protect all persons and communities in Malta, without discrimination of any kind.

News of police officers violentely assaulting black persons is extremely worrying. These are officials with a legal and moral duty to prevent violence, protect targets of violent attacks and take action against perpetrators.

We therefore strongly condemn the abonimable actions of these three officers, committed in a town that is rich in ethnic diversity. We hope concrete action will be taken to restore the communities’ faith in the Police Force.

Strong and healthy communities are built on trust, and the Police Force’s response is an important step towards strengthening trust within our towns. 


Established with the kind support of the Dutch Refugee Council