19 September 2023

Ukraine Info: Commission proposes to extend temporary protection for people fleeing Russian aggression against Ukraine until March 2025

The European Commission is proposing today to further extend the temporary protection for people fleeing Russia's aggression against Ukraine from 4 March 2024 to 3 March 2025. This will provide certainty and support for more than 4 million persons enjoying protection across the EU.

The EU activated the Temporary Protection Directive on 4 March 2022 with a unanimous decision by Member States and it was automatically extended by one year. The Commission considers that the reasons for temporary protection persist and that the temporary protection should therefore be prolonged as a necessary and appropriate response to the current, volatile situation, which is not yet conducive to the safe and durable return of those enjoying temporary protection in the EU.

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Watch this space on how this will affect people in Malta!


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