17 MARCH 2022

Ukraine Info: Covid-19 issues for persons travelling from Ukraine

This is the info recently recieved from the Superintendence of Public Health regarding a policy on Covid-19 issues for persons who will be travelling to Malta from Ukraine.

  • All passengers fleeing from Ukraine will be accepted subject to quarantine.
  • Those who provide a residential address and there are not more than 4 persons already residing in that place, they will be allowed to quarantine there, but other residents will have to quarantine with them. 
  • Those with no address have to go to the quarantine hotel and pay.
  • Those with a recognised vaccine certificate (by us) will quarantine for 10 days and without for 14 days.
  • After 7th march the local residents offering their household for an Ukraine  refuguee to live with them will NOT need to quarantine with them in the same house but can go in and out while the passenger quarantines in their home.

This is a post of several where the Malta Refugee Council will be giving news and updates on the situation of Ukrainians here and on how they may be protected.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any info you would like to share or if you need any assistance.


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