17 MARCH 2022

Ukraine Info: Registering children at the Migrant Learners’ Unit

“The inclusion of newly-arrived learners is actively promoted at the Migrant Learners’ Unit.  The well-being of those involved is also valued through the provision of a holistic educational journey which allows for the acquisition of linguistic and sociocultural competences.  The unit recognises the need to succeeding and stakeholders are involved throughout the educational experience to sustain such attainable goals.”

Here is information provided by the Unit on how to register children, in view of the relatively large number of children being registered in recent days.

We are unable to attach the documents referred to in the info, so please get in touch with them directly for the forms.

We thank the Unit for sharing this useful information.

“Since due to the current situation we can’t meet clients face to face,  we are suggesting that you send us all your documents by email. Please find attached the pre-registration form.  You have to print one for each child.

Kindly fill in the form with all required details. On the back side of the form you will find the list of documents which have to be presented for registration.

For now you can scan the original documentation and send it to us, together with the filled in form.

We also encourage you to visit our website, Migrant Learners’ Unit, where you will find loads of important information.  There is a section called ‘Registration’ which applies to the registration process and contains the relevant emails and contact numbers.

These are the officers in charge of registration :

Mr Laurence Attard                
Tel :    2598 2437/ 2598 1585                       
Email : lawrence.a.attard@gov.mt

Ms Martha Busuttil                
Tel :   2598 2710/ 2598 1590                      
Email : martha.busuttil@gov.mt

This is what will happens after you send us the form and the documentation :-

  • The parents’ and child’s data is inputted in our system.
  • An email is sent to the College Principal, informing him about your child.
  • You will receive an sms from us telling you that your son is now officially registered, and that you are to expect a call from the College.
  • You will make an appointment with the College Principal, who will give you all the information you require about your child’s school.

It is very important that, once all the family gets their ID cards (with child listed as ‘family member’) you contact the officers in charge of exemptions:  Mr Victor Agius (2598 2260) and Ms Deborah Mifsud (2598 1248).

Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks and best regards.

You are requested to contact MLU on 2598 1585 for any clarification.”

This is a post of several where the Malta Refugee Council will be giving news and updates on the situation of Ukrainians here and on how they may be protected.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any info you would like to share or if you need any assistance.


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