29 APRIL 2022

Ukraine Info: Residence Permits for Temporary Protection holders

We are finally able to clarify the requirements for Temporation Protection holders to obtain a Maltese residence permit.

In the past months, many of our members recieved several queries for Ukrainian nationals on they may apply and receive a residence permit from Identity Malta. During the early days of arrivals from Ukraine, there seems to have been some misunderstandings around the right of TP holders to be given a residence permit, as per the EU and national law. Although initial inforamtion being disseminated dismissed the need for a residence permit, claiming the TP certificate was sufficient to access rights and services, we repeatedly underlined that a residence permit is a right in itself as also necessary to enjoy TP rights.

Following a number of queries and discussions with International Protection Agency and Identity Malta representatives, the situation is now clearer. All TP holders are indeed entitled to a residence permit and will be given one.

To obtain a residence permit, TP holders need to visit the office of Identity Malta with the following documentation:

  • Identity Malta Form ID 1A (filled). This is downloadable from the Identity Malta site (scroll down to the bottom);
  • Identity Malta Form CEA (filled). Available as above;
  • Lease agreement; 
  • Rental declaration form (filled by the lessor). Available as above; 
  • IPA certificate;
  • IPA decision letter;
  • Payment of €27.50 per person (also children);
  • Deed of purchase of the property (if landlord is not a Maltese national).

An appointment needs to be made with Identity Malta by writing to noneu.ima@gov.mt. Once the appointment is made, documents must be taken and presented to the clerk. If all is in order, photos and fingerprints will be taken, and then payment. Applicants will be given a receipt with the official residence permit number, which document may be used for services such as health, education, etc.

Applicants will then recieve a letter for Identity Malta informing them that the residence permits are ready to be picked up.

Our members are available to assist any who requires further information or assistance.

This is a post of several where the Malta Refugee Council will be giving news and updates on the situation of Ukrainians here and on how they may be protected.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any info you would like to share or if you need any assistance.


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