17 MARCH 2022

Ukraine Info: Organisations supporting asylum-seekers & refugees in Malta

If you are an asylum-seeker or a refugee in Malta, or might become one due to your personal situation, you might need to reach out to organisations that offer various forms of support, including: legal assistance, medical, psycho-social, accommodation, material, language, educational, employment, etc.

There’s a useful Fact Sheet 21 (published by aditus foundation)you can download here, in various languages. It contains a long list of organisations, with addresses, contact details, services offered, etc.

The information is not specific to Ukrainians, and in fact all organisations offer their services indiscriminately to all persons. This is in line with the Malta Refugee Council’s Code of Conduct.

This is a post of several where the Malta Refugee Council will be giving news and updates on the situation of Ukrainians here and on how they may be protected.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any info you would like to share or if you need any assistance.


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